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This is the Convert Journal curated library of brief audio clips (only a few minutes each). They are excerpts from Catholic radio shows of top apologists addressing specific topics of particular interest to non-Catholics (but a great resource for everybody!).

Dr. David Anders

David Anders is a 2003 convert from Calvinism (reformed Presbyterian), a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and a Protestant historian. He is the host of EWTN’s weekday program Called to Communion and has also been an occasional host at Catholic Answers Live. David blogs at Called to Communion.

Play Adventists Sabbath
Play Are Only Catholics Saved?
Play Assurance of Salvation (#1)
Play Assurance of Salvation (#2)
Play Baptism and Justification
Play Catholic Church
Play Catholic Social Teaching
Play Eucharistic Belief
Play Gender Issues
Play Good Person
Play Holy Matrimony
Play Homosexual Marriage
Play How Are We Saved
Play In Virtro Fertilization
Play Jehovah's Witnesses
Play Justification
Play Male Priesthood
Play Man Woman Marriage
Play Marriage in Heaven
Play Mary Perpetual Virginity
Play Mary's Predestination
Play Mass Liturgies
Play Mosaic Law
Play Must Priests Marry
Play Nature of God
Play Nature of Mass
Play Not Baptized and Jehovah's Witnesses
Play Once Saved
Play Penal Substitution vs. Sacrifice
Play Praying to Saints
Play Presuppositionalism
Play Priesthood
Play Purgatory (#1)
Play Purgatory (#2)
Play Relationship with God
Play Sacred Tradition
Play Salvation Views
Play Salvation thru the Church
Play Scientism Confession the Dead
Play Searching for Truth
Play Sign of the Cross
Play The Good News
Play The Orthodox
Play The Sabbath
Play Unbloody Sacrifice
Play Upon This Rock
Play Why Mass is a Sacrifice

Information on EWTN’s excellent Open Line is available. The EWTN audio library also offers complete episodes of Called to Communion.

More to Come

Additional clips are added regularly.