Elsewhere: liberal Christianity

There is an experiment tried over and over. It is a kind of insanity, always hoping for a different result than last time. That is, “theologically liberal” Christianity. It varies, but generally seeks to be “inclusive”, “tolerant” and “affirmative” of every person and their actions. I suppose this is so that they “feel good” about […]

Elsewhere: voting for abortion

I have stayed out of commenting on particular political candidates this round. That is not changing. Our choices are truly horrid. They are not much better in congressional and other races. Horrid. Yet, at the end of the “process,” the presidency and every one of these offices will be filled by people acting in our […]

Elsewhere: growing Amoris Laetitia pushback

For all the good, beautiful and true prose in Amoris Laetitia, there are serious problems. As I noted in my review written 11 days after its publication (Amoris Laetitia conclusions), the “problems overshadow the rest of the document”. I am not usually good at predictions, but these were easy: Amoris Laetitia will fail in its […]

Elsewhere: the average Catholic?

Everyone is aware of the problems of secularism — turning away from God in favor of salvation offered through government. In the last 50 years, many poorly catechized Christians have left the Church and are now “nones.” A sizable number of those who have remained are so poorly grounded that it seems only a matter […]

Elsewhere: 100 million Obamacare exemptions

You may be aware that the Little Sisters of the Poor have taken their case to the Supreme Court. They are opposed to cooperating with the evil of funding abortifacients and contraceptives in Obamacare and applied for an exemption as a religious organization. It was denied essentially because the Obama administration does not consider them […]

Elsewhere: Spotlight (the movie)

There is a special kind of political correctness applied to the sexual abuse scandal. The unwritten rules require speakers and writers to: Start by acknowledging how horrible it is. This is valid, it is horrible for the victims and the scandal has impacted the Great Commission given to his Church by Christ. Never mention the […]

Elsewhere: invaders, not immigrants

ISIS may have won, even if they are completely wiped-out of the countries which they occupy. That may seem illogical, but what if their intent was to purposely displace mostly Muslim people into the naive but welcoming arms of others? If so, then it is working splendly. Also be wary of the false media and […]