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Baltimore Catechism: on our 1st and 2nd obligations

Lesson 35 389Q. Which are the chief commandments of the Church? A. The chief commandments of the Church are six: To hear Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation. To fast and abstain on the days appointed. To confess at least once a year. To receive the Holy Eucharist during the Easter time. To […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #145)

This week: Courage has released a wonderful new film: Desire of the Everlasting Hills. Planned Parenthood provides an abortion to a 13 year-old then returns her to her rapist. Despite spending $1 TRILLION per year, the “war on poverty” has failed (but for political advantage, it has morphed into a “war on work”). Matthew Archbold […]

The Narrow Gate: Introduction

Guest contributor:   Ed Trego We live in a society that is dependent on rapid transportation. Automobiles, trains, and airplanes carry us all over the world. If given the opportunity, we will almost always chose the fastest and easiest route to our destination. Unfortunately we also tend to look for the path to heaven in […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #144)

This week: Nancy Pelosi presents the hard-hitting facts of the Hobby Lobby decision (and of course, gets it completely wrong). Steve Ray is asked if he is saved. The Chosen faith formation program. EWTN offers an excellent alternative to biased evening news programs. An ex-terrorist places blame for the Palestinian / Israeli conflict. Input on […]

Resources: Chosen courses

We fail to reach too many children with outdated and boring catechetical programs. This is beginning to change with excellent programs from publishers like Ascension Press. Their Chosen offering is outstanding. It is available in two 24 lesson formats, one for faith formation and a modified version for confirmation preparation. While both are targeted at […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #143)

This week: The latest issue of New Evangelists Monthly is ready and calling you. NOW adds The Little Sisters of the Poor to their Dirty 100 list. The adult life of one downs syndrome man. A pro-abortion representative speaks frankly with those supporting life. Dinesh D’Souza’s America is in theaters now and has been very […]

New Evangelists Monthly – July 2014, Issue #19

Enjoy this month’s edition of New Evangelists Monthly – an informal, dynamic, crowd-sourced “meta-magazine” showcasing the best posts faithful Catholic bloggers. In this and every issue, you will find many different, but faithfully Catholic viewpoints, insights and perspectives.