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7 Quick Takes Friday (set #130)

This week: The Son of God is released TODAY. The warm and funny story of how a doctor was engaged to treat Mother Theresa. Father Gordon MacRae’s federal appeal will be heard for his 20 year (so far) unjust imprisonment. The short, beautiful life of Zion Isaiah Blick. Chris Stefanick talks about tolerance. The swift […]

What could have been…

Abortion has robbed the world of so much. We are much, much poorer for it. Taken away from us are statesmen who could have guided us to a more peaceful world. Doctors who would have found cures that elude us. Artists who would have elevated us through beauty we will never experience. Maybe the first […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #129)

This week: A lingerie company produces videos featuring beautiful women, unlike what you might assume. A liquor company produces a video with a touching story. (Some ads are getting better!) Father Barron explores what it means to be called by God. Another wreckovated church works to restore beauty dedicated to the Glory of God. The […]

Elsewhere: demonic possession

In our sophisticated, modern world the concept of demonic possession seems like religious kookiness to many. That is understandable for those who do not believe in God and Satan. For the rest of us, our personal experience with it is typically non-existent so we too often see it as far-fetched. Even the Church is prudently […]

A Sacramental Marriage

2014.02.14 A Sacramental Marriage [guest] Author: Ed Trego Guest contributor:   Ed Trego “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they shall […]

Baltimore Catechism: on the honor and invocation of saints

Lesson 31 331Q. Does the First Commandment forbid the honoring of the saints? A. The First Commandment does not forbid the honoring of the saints, but rather approves of it; because by honoring the saints, who are the chosen friends of God, we honor God Himself. Think of the many helps God gives us to […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #128)

This week: The latest issue of New Evangelists Monthly is ready and calling you. The United Nations has demanded changes to Catholic doctrine in support of abortion and homosexuality. Christopher Stefanick’s new video: Ocean of Mercy. Devout Catholic (so she claims) Nancy Pelosi is recognized for her life’s work. The American Life League reminds us […]