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Baltimore Catechism: anointing the sick and holy orders

Lesson 25 “Unction” means the anointing or rubbing with oil or ointment. “Extreme” means last. Therefore Extreme Unction means the last anointing. It is called the “last” because other unctions or anointings are received before it. We are anointed at Baptism on three parts of the body – on the breast, the back, and the […]

Elsewhere: the Episcopal experiment

It is sad that some Catholics live in personal schism with the Church. They do not accept fully the teaching of the infallible Magisterium and in many cases are objectively in sin. Our Lord did not give us options to pick and choose between His commandments nor to embrace truth less than or different from […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #99)

This week: Abortion workers from other “clinics” tell how Dr. Kermit Gosnell is not an isolated case. Bioethicist Father Robert Gahl reflects on this case. Megyn Kelly interviews Jack McMahon, Gosnell’s attorney. What a “shacking out cohabitation ceremony” might look like. The drama and terror of some family events. A contraption to dispense communion. Ever […]


In fact, the Catholic Church is not a Christian denomination but is the Christian Church itself. Scripture is clear that Jesus founded 1 Church and history easily shows that to be the Catholic Church. Men such as the reformers (over a millennium after Christ) or modern day preachers opening storefront churches can not create something equivalent to the Church directly founded by our Lord..

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #98)

This week: On “gay marriage,” Piers Morgan continues his brave challenge against rational thought. Ex-lesbian Linda Jernigan discusses true peace and its absence in the homosexual lifestyle. Pope Francis marches for life. The Sisters of Mary backgrounder for the American Bible Challenge. Ronald Davis – not a “bum” but a human being. Faith vs. Reason […]

Not in scripture: Holy Scripture vs. Church

Catholics believe our Lord founded His Church, unlike any other organization — both the invisible (the Mystical Body of Christ) and the quite visible. The visible Church infallibly proclaims His unchanging Word and offers His sacraments until the end of time. He gave us no book from which to know truth, only His Church. When, […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #97)

This week: The May issue of New Evangelists Monthly is out! Publix airs a beautiful Mother’s Day ad. The mainstream media Gosnell blackout is partially lifted, but still very effective. Another new, undercover video shows the legal and operating late term (up to 28 weeks) abortionists. Planned Parenthood explains their position on post-birth abortions (spoiler: […]