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Pride is a black cloud which smothers the light of God in other people. We are all God’s greatest creation. Pride focuses our attention inward making us act as though God’s greatest creation is ourselves. In essence, we sever ourselves from the Body of Christ and thus can not love our neighbor (seen lesser) as ourselves (seen greater).

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #86)

This week: The story of another abortion survivor. Biased, pro-abortion media is a worldwide problem. The vocation story of a lost sheep. Altar boys. Progress correcting “spirit of Vatican II” inspired liturgical excesses. Dominican Fathers and Brothers explain the Divine Office. Some thoughts on gun control. — 1 — Imre Téglásy, another abortion survivor and […]

Elsewhere: leaving Planned Parenthood

Today, on this sad 40th aniversary of Roe v. Wade, one of the rays of hope are all those who have left Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry. Not only have they left their old positions in promoting and performing abortions, but have often become highly active members of the pro-life community. One […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #85)

This week: If only the president meant his empty words defending life. Would nudity defeat the March for Life media blackout? A touching story of life and love. Hollywood stars again enlighten us (mega-hypocrisy alert, as usual). Peter Kreeft explains where morality comes from. Episcopalians warmly embrace “gay marriage” at their National Cathedral. Father Barron’s […]

Elsewhere: sex abuse hypocrisy

What would be the reaction to a significant, on-going sex abuse scandal in a Catholic diocese? Would the national media cover it for weeks, or years, if there were 18 new (not decades old) reports? How big would the outrage be if those 18 cases were at a single Catholic elementary school? You can bet […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #84)

This week: New Evangelists Monthly has been launched. A baby literally reaches out from the womb. Planned Parenthood values that baby at $449.15 (average net profit per baby aborted). Cistercian monks build chapel with stones they first used 800 years ago in Spain. Why was Jesus baptized? Loyal pets and their owners’ grave sites. A […]

New Evangelists Monthly – January 2013, Issue #1

Enjoy this inaugural edition of New Evangelists Monthly – an informal, dynamic, crowd-sourced “meta-magazine” showcasing the best posts faithful Catholic bloggers. In this first and every future issue, you will find many different, but faithfully Catholic viewpoints, insights and perspectives.