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7 Quick Takes Friday (set #81)

This week: The Archdiocese of Washington is kicking-off Advent with a strong media program. Marcel has an excellent Advent resource page. Edwarda O’Bara has died. The Population Research Institute has another video addressing the population explosion myth. The CCHD continues to disappoint in the latest 2012 report. A new game like Angry Birds, but with […]

The last time

What does not stick is the last time we experienced each person, place or thing except in particularly traumatic circumstances. I remember the last time I saw my Dad and spoke with my Mom, but not really so much for my other relatives and friends. In the cases of places and things, I would be hard pressed to remember the last time I was there or had that thing. Yet, there was a last time.

Baltimore Catechism: on indulgences

Lesson 21 231Q. What is an indulgence? A. An indulgence is the remission in whole or in part of the temporal punishment due to sin. I have explained before what the temporal punishment is; namely, the debt which we owe to God after He has forgiven our sins, and which we must pay in order […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Give thanks to the LORD, invoke his name; make known among the peoples his deeds! Sing praise to him, play music; proclaim all his wondrous deeds! Glory in his holy name; let hearts that seek the LORD rejoice! Seek out the LORD and his might; constantly seek his face. Recall the wondrous deeds he has […]

Review: Catholicism

It seems presumptuous for a 279 page book to have a title like “Catholicism” with its history of thousands of years and a deep, beautiful faith. Yet, somehow, Father Robert Barron‘s book captures its essence surprisingly well. My hopes for the book, the written accompaniment to the excellent Catholicism DVD series, was high. Moreover, Fr. […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #80)

This week: Scott Hahn’s awesome video on the New Evangelization (and our faith in general). Father Barron addresses extreme secularism as illustrated by a Chicago Sun-Times columnist. A proposed documentary on same sex attraction and genuine Church teaching. An amazing image from hurricane Sandy. Another 90 second creation story. A recent surprise for one military […]

Elsewhere: so many converts!

It is intriguing to me why so many people become Catholic. These are adults who were in other Christian communities, other religions or none at all. Common threads run through their stories, but each remains unique – and a deliberate, personal, informed choice to be Catholic. Brantly Millegan, a young, Evangelical convert himself, continues to […]