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Obama’s war on religion (update #3)

Devotees of the liberal, mainstream media might think the world has moved on from all that HHS mandate ruckus. Their muted or non-existent news coverage is almost magical, much like how they make the massive March for Life rallies seem insignificant. In fact, both are related and opposed to the culture of death they are […]

Elsewhere: throw away the key

In 1994 Father Gordon MacRae was sent to prison as a sex offender. These are terrible crimes and the sentence was 67 years. MacRae is in prison today, 18 years into his sentence – with 49 more to go. Justice has been served and fair restitution paid to the victim. There is just one small […]

Review: The Broken Path

Over 20 years ago, author Judie Brown co-founded the American Life League – a grassroots, Catholic, pro-life education organization. She was appointed to the Pontifical Academy for Life by Pope John Paul II (twice) and Pope Benedict XVI. She is solidly and faithfully Catholic. Judie’s new book The Broken Path: How Catholic Bishops Got Lost […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #55)

This week: The three most deadly words. Larry’s new series – Focus On The Faithless. Elizabeth Scalia, Terence Jeffrey, Jennifer Roback Morse and George Weigel take a sobering look at Obama’s contempt for the constitution. One senator that every pro-lifer should watch. Another prophetic gem from Pope Paul VI. The nanny-state in action – a […]

Obama’s war on religion (update #2)

Nothing has changed. You may be surprised by that statement, given the promotion in the media of Obama’s “compromise.” There is no compromise and none was offered. In fact, if anything Obama has doubled-down on his position. Catholics, individually and institutionally, must fund abortifacients (drugs to induce abortions) and sterilizations. This post is part of […]

Elsewhere: the big lie

There is a significant effort running in the mainstream media to obfuscate the truth. The truth is Obama’s HHS mandate crushes freedom of religion by forcing not only our laity, but charities, hospitals, schools, universities and other faith-based organizations to fund the grave evils of abortion (through abortifacients) and sterilization. There are no applicable exceptions […]

Obama’s war on religion (update #1)

The Obama administration’s war against religion continues with no sign of backing down. In a nut shell, our President insists that we Catholics fund (buy, pay for) contraceptives, abortifacients (drugs to induce abortions) and sterilization coverage – making these tools of Satan universally available to all in America at our expense. This post is part […]