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Obama’s war on religion

It is not hyperbole. I wish it was. We Catholics are not generally confrontational. We prefer working with people to working against them. We know God is in each of us. Despite the efforts of some to rewrite history, we know our country was founded on religious freedom and cherish that. As Catholics, we are […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #53)

This week: The 2012 March for Life. Allen West, an inspiring pro-life congressman. Comments from the marchers (and lots of pictures too). Using lingo to hide the fact that it’s a baby. The disappointing Girl Scouts (again). A hope-filled video from Students for Life. The March for Life press blackout. — 1 — In the […]

The Holy Rosary

Why exactly do people pray the Rosary? The short answer is “it works.” All prayer is powerful and the Rosary is like prayer on steroids. It gives many benefits, including 15 specific promises revealed by Our Lady to St. Dominic. Praying the Rosary regularly will also help you increase your holiness. It is so valuable that Holy Mother Church grants a plenary indulgence when prayed with others.

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #52)

This week: 7 excellent video responses to hating religion (but loving Jesus). The lucrative business of killing babies in the womb. 39 women speak on how abortion has affected them. Blob of tissue saves father’s life. America, blessed with incredible fuel resources. Martin Luther King was not a “community organizer.” Selecting candidates consistent with your […]

Elsewhere: but how does “gay marriage” hurt you?

Often when we explain why (regardless of any attempt to the contrary in civil law) there is no such thing as “gay marriage”, we are asked this question. The position suggests that we are not harmed by gay people getting married. Our marriages remain unchanged and no one is forcing us to change our religious […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #51)

This week: Another Planned Parenthood manager switches sides and witnesses for life. It is time again for the March for Life. The Holy Father celebrating the Mass – Ad Orientem. Victory for the good guys in one battle against freedom of religion. Republicans and Democrats join hands to censor and kill the Internet. Reasonable and […]

Elsewhere: speaking the truth and feeding the flock

We are blessed to have some truly outstanding bishops. Excellent shepherds who are not afraid to speak-out on issues of faith, knowing they will be vigorously attacked by secular interests (and “progressive” Catholics too). I gave some examples back in November 2010. Likewise, we also have some exceptional priests. One such man is Father Michael […]