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Stylish blogger award

I follow a LOT of Catholic blogs, some very popular ones and some lesser known gems. Getting the opportunity to bring a little more attention to those is the idea behind the Stylish Blogger Award meme. It works like this: to accept the “award,” you share with your readers 7 things about yourself and get […]

A Catholic quiz

Are you Catholic? If so, test your knowledge on my handy Catholic Faith Checkup. Read each statement and simply decide if is true or false. The answer key and how to interpret the results follow.

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #45)

This week: Lionizing Steve Jobs. The Mighty Macs is released today. Dying so that your baby may live. Texas congresspeople, a study in contrast. We expected strides toward a post-racial society under a black president. Is it time to panic as we approach 7,000,000 people? A convert’s quote of the week. — 1 — Steve […]

Review: Mass Appeal

The Mass is nothing less than awesome! All of it. Time is suspended, heaven and earth are joined, our Lord is literally present, He speaks to us through our priests, angels and saints worship with us, we are present at the Last Supper and kneel at Calvary. The Mass is not a play or re-enactment […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #44)

This week: Father Barron delivers on his Catholicism project. Confusion at the UN on abortion. Hearing for the first time. Why does 1 zipcode in NYC have distinctively lower abortion rates? Msgr. Pope speaks on Satan with uncommon clarity. Big government planning, a case study. A quote of the week from Blessed Pope John Paul […]

Sacramental validity

In understanding the sacraments, we also see that certain requirements must be met for validity. That is, to receive the intended graces, the sacrament must meet certain requirements. Various causes may render a sacrament invalid such as some defect in the matter, form, minister or recipient. One very interesting requirement is intent. If the intent is absent then the sacrament is not received.

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #43)

This week: God in the streets of New York City. What the mainstream press is talking about when they say “sectarian violence.” The magical stethoscope. Covering the Pope: a guide for journalists. Tracking the anti-Catholic bias of the mainstream media. The Susan B. Anthony list recognizes a true, enduring friendship. — 1 — God in […]