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7 Quick Takes Friday (set #42)

This week: Changing minds on abortion, a powerful approach. A story after judgment – all are surprised, both the damned and the saved. Celebrating World Contraception Day. MD does not mean “Medical Deity.” Electron Boy (a/k/a Erik Martin), RIP. The “understandable” effect of China’s one child policy. The mainstream media, slowly backing away… — 1 […]

Loss of innocence

The Boy Scouts, like the Catholic Church, has taken a lot of flak for standing firm against a secular, relativistic society. Shockingly, the Girl Scouts have not. In fact, they have every intention to embrace the toxic sexual perversions of the secular world (if you think that is over-the-top, continue reading).

Baltimore Catechism: on the Church

Lesson 11 Before speaking of the Church I wish to give you a short account of the true religion before the coming of Our Lord. When Adam was created in a state of grace, God communicated with him freely; he knew God even better than we do now. But after their sin our parents fell […]

Morality vs. law

Modern democracies were founded based upon God and recognition of His law. God is cited in the very first paragraph of the US Declaration of Independence. In the next paragraph, the core premise is presented. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” That is, explicit acknowledgment of the dignity of every person as given to them not by their government, but by God.

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #41)

This week: Our culture – Russia has “been there, done that.” Father Barron on Protestantism and authority. Jane Roe (Roe v. Wade) today. Another Planned Parenthood manager switches sides. Margaret Sanger’s dream realized (black genocide). A whisky vending machine. “If you love me / don’t love me…” — 1 — While we in the West […]

Elsewhere: Jack Chick vs. Our Lady

I have written previously about Jack Chick. You will recall that he is the prolific, fundamentalist anti-Catholic writer of absurd “tracts” attacking the faith. These cartoon exposés are packed full of blatant lies, half-truths and misrepresentations of our faith. They are ideal for the poorly catechized who are prone to believing what they read in […]

Father Mychal Judge, OFM, fallen hero

When the news of the attack reached him, Father Judge rushed to the site and was met by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani who asked him to pray for the victims. Father immediately administered last rites to the dying. He then entered the WTC North Tower lobby to give aid and offer prayers.