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7 Quick Takes Friday (set #36)

This week: A prayer that should not be repeated. No more “God the Father” or “Heavenly Father” in one inclusive Protestant denomination. Planned Parenthood’s success in attaining Margaret Sanger’s genocide against blacks. Ideology first – forget jobs, wars, unrestrained spending, debt our children will never dig out from – the administration goes after pro-lifers. How […]

Civil vs. divine law

Politicians capable of rational thought and who actually cared about children realize that the confessional seal is helpful. First, this is probably the only place the penitent will actually face his crimes and the terrible harm done. Second, the priest will probably be the only voice they hear telling them to make amends by turning themselves in. Third, were the Church to agree to cooperate with such laws (it never will), does anyone actually think that child abusers would actually confess their crimes before they are caught? They are disordered but not stupid.

Resources: Catholic Resources

For over a dozen years, Rev. Felix Just, S.J. (and Ph.D.) has published some unique and very useful Catholic content on his continuously updated website – Catholic Resources for Bible, Liturgy, Art, and Theology. He is the Director of Biblical Education at the Loyola Institute for Spirituality in Orange, CA. Father Just describes his website […]

Elsewhere: casual canonizations

At Bob’s funeral, you might hear “he’s an angel now.” So much is wrong with that! First of all, saints (people in heaven) and angels are distinct beings. People do not become angels and vice versa. Secondly, there is no way we could possibly know the status of the departed unless they died innocent (have […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #35)

This week: Christine Watkins tells her conversion story and overviews her book on converts. A new book on the Church and new media. A week in the life of a priest. Jerusalem in iMax 3D. The world’s oldest nun, still going strong. A whimsical Catholic nun commercial. — 1 — Christine Watkins tells her conversion […]

Baltimore Catechism: the Holy Ghost

Lesson 9 94Q. Who is the Holy Ghost? A. The Holy Ghost is the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity. *95Q. From whom does the Holy Ghost proceed? A. The Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son. *96Q. Is the Holy Ghost equal to the Father and the Son? A. The Holy Ghost […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #34)

This week: A passionate explanation of the Eucharist. Worship the earth and be forgiven. Planned Parenthood caught in lies, yet again. The nature of pro-aborts demonstrated, yet again. The black genocide in America today. Stephen Colbert, Catholic and proud of it. Saturday Evening Blog Post. — 1 — This young lady does a remarkable, and […]