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Father Corapi

There is only one “winner” in this situation, one who is thrilled and delighted by this story and its repercussions — Satan. First, this has been a horrible and painful experience for Father Corapi. Faithful Catholics have engaged in very non-charitable words against each other. The Church, the Body of Christ has suffered from the scandal, as she always does in these situations.

Elsewhere: myths about the early Church

There are a variety of poor arguments against the reform of the reform (of certain changes made “in the spirit” of Vatican II). One of the interesting (and false) arguments is that the changes restored liturgical practices of the early Church. Michael Foley debunks these myths in an interesting article recently published on Crisis Magazine: […]

Is Hell empty?

If these few academics were correct, then heaven is ours regardless of what we do. We would be free to reject God’s will, ignore his Church, believe whatever we wish, live in sin or perhaps even worship Satan. While these things would affect our life here, we would still have a “reasonable hope of salvation.” That friends, is hogwash!

Hello WordPress!

Convert Journal has been re-implemented on a new blogging platform! Subscribers (RSS/Atom feeds, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, etc.) should not be affected. The site URL (and all old URLs within the site) should still work fine. In short, you should not have to do anything at all to read it in whatever fashion that you have […]

Hijacking CST

The real Magisterium, the one instituted by Jesus and protected by the Holy Spirit, reminds us of our obligation to love each other. In that, we each have a PERSONAL obligation to the poor and vulnerable in what we call the “preferential option for the poor.” We are to share the gifts of time, talent and treasure loaned to us by God with others in need. Catholic charities have always had this focus and do more in this regard than any other charity on the planet.

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #32)

This week: Tornado destruction of Catholic institutions in Joplin. Hearing a prayer or “religious words” found to be the cause of “irreparable harm.” Catholic life at Texas A&M. LGBT demonstrate tolerance of differing viewpoints. Some Wisconsin public sector union members in action. Another “cool dad.” — 1 — The recent tornado’s have taken a toll […]

Baltimore Catechism: our Lord’s passion

2011.06.07 Baltimore Catechism: our Lord’s passion [Baltimore Catechism] Lesson 8 The Passion, that is, the terrible sufferings of Our Lord, began after the Last Supper, and ended at His death. On Thursday evening, Our Lord sat down for the last time with His dear Apostles. He had been talking, eating, and living with them for […]