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Politically incorrect

Speaking of irony, one of the most ironic responses I have seen is when people are accused of being “unchristian” for speaking up. This accusation may be followed by sanctimonious comments on what Jesus would have done. Baloney! Jesus was often politically incorrect, judgmental and intolerant.

Elsewhere: Hungary vs. Europe

Unlike other Eastern Bloc countries, Hungary did not immediately adopt a new constitution after the fall of communism. On Easter Monday they finally completed the process, voting 262 to 44 in favor. This important milestone also coincides with the mid-point of their Presidency of the Council of the EU. You might think that fellow European […]

Resources: Convert Journal YouTube channel

When I began this blog I had little interest including video material. My first 7 Quick Takes Friday had no pictures or videos! Today, most of those sets (now up to #30) are mostly video – mostly YouTube videos to be specific. Sometimes I want to revisit a video that I published previously but do […]

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #30)

This week: Universae Ecclesiae is out. Why no women deacons, explained again. Why we don’t offer the Eucharist to everyone. A reminder on keeping priorities properly ordered. The absurd proposition that Christianity was a fabrication. A unique wedding proposal. The perfect ceiling mural for a smoker’s lounge. — 1 — Universae Ecclesiae is out. It […]

Being charitable

Sometimes people think that being charitable is “always being nice” or “never hurting someone’s feelings.” They are very wrong. In some situations, following those guidelines is actually uncharitable. Jesus and the Apostles boldly rebuked and condemned evil. That probably hurt some feelings.

Baltimore Catechism: incarnation and redemption

2011.05.13 Baltimore Catechism: incarnation and redemption [Baltimore Catechism] Lesson 7 “Incarnation” means to take flesh, as a body. Here it means Our Lord’s taking flesh, that is, taking a body like ours, when He became man. “Redemption” means to buy back. Let us take an example. Slaves are men or women that belong entirely to […]

Baltimore Catechism: on sin and its kinds

2011.05.10 Baltimore Catechism: on sin and its kinds [Baltimore Catechism] Lesson 6 51Q. Is Original Sin the only kind of sin? A. Original Sin is not the only kind of sin; there is another kind of sin which we commit ourselves, called actual sin. Sin is first or chiefly divided into original and actual; that […]