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Membership available

All membership levels offer a path to eternal life. While the highest level is recommended for best results, any level is preferred to non-membership. Disclaimer: membership alone (at any level) does not automatically assure salvation. Act NOW. This is a limited time offer which expires with each life. Do not miss this great opportunity while you still have time. Priests and pastors are standing by.

Baltimore Catechism: unity and trinity of God

2011.03.25 Baltimore Catechism: unity and trinity of God [Baltimore Catechism] Lesson 3 “Unity” means to be one, and “Trinity,” three in one. 21Q. Is there but one God? A. Yes; there is but one God. 22Q. Why can there be but one God? A. There can be but one God because God, being supreme and […]

Public sinners

Hollywood is a rich source of examples. Professional athletics is another. Popular music performers still another. As upsetting as so many of these individuals often are, theirs is a context that at least numbs our reaction. They are usually acting as individuals, representing only their own moral depravity and directly affecting only their own sad lives. They generally do not claim to be followers of Christ. There is another group of public figures who share the attributes of the others noted above, but unlike them have a special trust with the public.

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #25)

This week: A St. Patrick’s Day flash mob. Walk for “Choice” pro-aborts speak up. Ethicist explains our moral obligation to keep only the smart via IVF. Adoration U. Shining moments in socialized medicine. General Petraeus following Charlie Sheen’s tactics says a US Congressperson. — 1 — St. Patrick’s Day flash mob: — 2 — The […]

Only prayer

Sometimes we (and by “we,” I mean “I”), without thinking, forget that we do not have the power to fix everything that is wrong or to right all that is unjust. We witness or hear of terrible suffering and our first thought is to do something about it. That impulse is good and should be acted upon, but we err (a more polite description than “are delusional”) when we think that we alone can save the world, even subconsciously. Our real hope rests with God.

Elsewhere: irreverence and liturgical abuse

A few weeks ago I wrote about my hopes for “reform the reform” (here and here). I noted about the problem of changes done in the “spirit” of Vatican II (i.e. invalid and damaging). I said “What exactly Mass is becomes lost. The poorly catechized may not see it as particularly different than any Christian […]

Baltimore Catechism: on God and his perfections

2011.03.08 Baltimore Catechism: on God and his perfections [Baltimore Catechism] Lesson 2 A “perfection” means a good quality. We say a thing is perfect when it has all the good qualities it should have. 13Q. What is God? A. God is a spirit infinitely perfect. “A spirit” is a living, intelligent, invisible being. It really […]