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Review: Set free to love

In many ways, we are all on a continuing journey to learn about some of life’s most important topics. What is love? Why is sex a minefield? How do we view our body? Sometimes parents give “the talk” to explain mechanics, risks and the need for “protection.” Some children are subjected to “sex education” classes. […]

Are you ready?

As interesting as it may be to ponder the rapture or to consider science fiction stories, we would be missing the big picture. People have been waiting for the rapture for 2,000 years and may be waiting for another 2,000 – or 10,000. The possibility of these science fiction scenarios during our mortal lives is even more remote. What is not remote and quite sure is an end to our individual exiles here on Earth. We do not know when, but we know its certainty.

Elsewhere: A catholic president?

February 6th was the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth. Dr. Paul Kengor noted recently in Catholic Exchange Reagan’s very tight association with numerous Catholics. The piece got me to thinking. Who was the most “catholic” (small-c) president – Reagan or JFK (of course, JFK was big-C Catholic, Reagan was not). If you look at […]

Reform the reform (part 2)

The bottom line is not that the liturgy of the Mass and other practices is wrong, broken or less sacred. It is that post-Vatican II “spirit” changes made in haste and/or with questionable authority should be reversed to restore greatest reverence. That is the point of reforming the reform.

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #23)

This week: Planned Parenthood support for the sex trade is not an isolated problem. Philadelphia’s Dr. Gosnell’s actions are in-line with president’s stated position. How abortions affect women – a video. World Youth Days 2011. Why I’m Catholic is launched. Google Goggles solves Sudoku. — 1 — OK, say you are a pimp in the […]

Reform the reform (part 1)

I also believe that while it as sacred as ever, Vatican II “spirit” changes have made it less reverent. Not just the extreme liturgical abuses such as “liturgical dance,” but smaller abuses and practices. What exactly Mass is becomes lost. The poorly catechized may not see it as particularly different than any Christian worship service. Their sense of the real presence of Christ becomes questioning. Ultimately they may leave. The zeal of the faithful is also diminished. It is a very serious issue.

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #22)

This week: Stealth technology hides pro-life marches. Press coverage is more than merely biased. A 2011 SFO March for Life picture essay. Chick-Fil-A under attack for their Christian values. Ongoing scandal at the CCHD. Tax payer support for child sex slave entrepreneurs. Martin Luther King would support homosexual marriage – NOT. — 1 — Ever […]