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Elsewhere: News flash – we win!

It is easy to get discouraged. At times it seems the world is slowly dying – abortion, attacks on the family, abandonment of faith, little work ethic, worshiping the false idol of self, political correctness over actual correctness and direct assaults in many forms on Catholics and the Church. Father John Corapi wrote in his […]

Some leave the Church

The Mass is sacred and conducted with reverence. While it includes worship, it is much, much more than that. Every Mass is a supernatural mystery where heaven and earth touch, angels and saints join us as the Last Supper and Calgary are made present. The body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus is literally confected in the Eucharist — in which we are united with Christ and each other through all time and space. The worship services of other Christian communities, however holy and reverent, are not remotely comparable to the Mass.

Elsewhere: A Catholic view of ObamaCare

The broad, sweeping healthcare legislation passed in the United States last year brings with it some long overdue reforms that are very popular. It puts a halt to a number of abuses by insurance companies that are simply unconscionable. It hopes to make comprehensive coverage available to everyone at an affordable cost while maintaining or […]

When the Holy Spirit calls

The evil of that abortion could not be stopped. To my mind, the Holy Spirit used that tragedy to show Abby – up-front and very personal – exactly what it was. Abby would soon quit her job, literally cross the street and join The Coalition for Life. Now she would be outside of the facility that she previously ran, letting the Holy Spirit work through her and praying for all inside.

7 Quick Takes Friday (set #21)

This week: Making San Francisco safe from “Happy Meals.” Capitalizing on the Tucson tragedy. Thank our troops. I “heart” NY, unless I am an unborn child. The extinction of pro-life Democrats. Automated confessions. A quote of the week. — 1 — The nanny state of San Francisco bans toys from McDonald’s “Happy Meals.” This is […]

Women deacons

The fallacy is that deaconesses were female deacons, which was never the case. Deaconesses had a totally different, non-liturgical role. The name was often given to the wives of deacons or certain widows and their most notable purpose was to protect the modesty of women being baptized. In the early Church, baptism was done fully nude. Deaconesses assisted by holding a cloth between a woman being baptized and the priest.

Elsewhere: New Year’s resolutions

I do not usually “do” the New Year’s resolutions “thing.” If you do, I respect that – but personally I do not see a point in waiting until then. It is, after all, just a holiday celebrating a calendar event! Being introspective and working on what needs fixing should be on-going as conversion itself is. […]